3 June 2020

Science vs Climate Change

It’s unclear whether the practices can be carried out over long periods and on a massive scale across the world’s farms without undercutting food production. And there are significant disagreements about what it will take to accurately measure and certify that farms are actually removing and storing increased amounts of carbon dioxide -Temple, J.

As for the headline, another method of climate adjustment is what could be a vein attempt at carbon reduction using plants.  I'll be plain, I'm not exactly a believer that we as a species cause our planets climate to change that to me seems a bit arrogant.  We are specs of sand to our planet, and this "data" that has been collected over the past several centuries are even smaller specs than we are, we have no idea how many times our planets climate has been adjusted naturally and to think that we can have an impact in its adjustment back to its original state is laughable.

So the tech portion of this newsletter is the methods of measuring what carbon is being pulled from the air using this system. The elemental analysis procedure is the most accurate common test for soil carbon, and is often cheaper than other tests. Most research indicates that change in soil carbon occurs most readily in the soil organic matter fraction, so that if you detect change, it is likely to be in the organic carbon.

The 'rona is tracking us

COVID-19 apps are surprisingly dangerous

This particular corona virus as a pandemic is starting to slow down, however with the panic that was widespread the amount of corona centered applications for those little bastards we call phones/tablets has multiplied.   What data will they collect, and who is it shared with? How will that information be used in the future? Are there policies in place to prevent abuse?  In Germany, the Corona App, is not limited does not guaranteed and according to a study conducted by COVIDTRACKING.com is not exactly transparent meaning that the operators/maintainers of the application itself will not allow for the revealing of if the data collected will be destroyed or not.

Data security is paramount, we as a people mainly prefer our day to day dealings to remain private matters. Imagine if these trackers were to get ahold of your phones location, the images contained or even your contact list.  Those three things alone could be very handy in the wrong hands as far as finding out who your friends are, where you are and were you frequent. This is a simple newsletter and not particularly what the site is about, but news is news I will do my best to filter out the bullshit.