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Endless OS launches Endless Studios to assist the kiddos to code.

Endless, the maker of Endless OS, has launched Endless Studios. Matt Dalio, founder of Endless, along with the Endless Studios team have created a series of games based on Linux, Endless OS, and Hack that teach kids to code in a fun way.

The company aims to help kids as young as eight years old get acquainted with programming. The games have been made in a way that would encourage them to code through hacking.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Endless has been cultivating digital agency among youth around the world for years. With the launch of Endless Studios and The Third Terminal today, Endless launched its first group of games designed to harness gaming to bring kids into coding. Built atop the Unity game engine, its collection of games, Dragons Apprentice, Aqueducts, Tank Warriors, The Passage, Frog Squash and Midnightmare Teddy are included in this first collection of coding games. All are focused on the goal to break down barriers, build confidence and spark curiosity to unlock the power of code.

Endless Studios Games is built on a Linux-based OS running on top of the Unity game engine. The gameplay has been designed to spark curiosity among young gamers/coders and boost their confidence in coding.

For instance, the game Midnightmare Teddy involves evil toys that come alive and chase the gamer who can switch to “Math Mode” and use his/her math skills to fight back.

Meanwhile, another Linux game called Frog Squash requires gamers to dodge arrows, saws, and fireballs to avoid getting squashed while crossing a road by manipulating codes.

Other games within the collection include Dragon’s Apprentice, The Passage, Aqueducts and Tank Warriors.

You can check out the games on their new gaming website, and play a demo.

Here is a video on the collection of games you can try at Endless Studios:

The mere increase in the player base of Linux might not seem impressive upfront but on a year-on-year percentage basis, this increase is significant. In August 2018, the player base was a mere 0.58% and now it is 0.22% more at 0.8%. The rise in the player base can also be credited with the release of Steam Play, which allowed a number of Windows games to be playable on Linux. Several developers also work really hard to make sure that popular games like DOOM and Borderlands 2 run natively on Linux without the need of any API like WINE. The number of native Linux games keeps increasing every month.

According to the trend, the player base is growing steadily and will reach the 1% mark very soon. Furthermore, we also need to remember that Steam surveys are based on data reported by the user. So it is possible that the Linux gaming on Steam might already be at 1% player base but it is not reported by the players. So seeing that linux is increasing in popularity for everyone particularly me as I code as a part of my stay at home gig is exciting.  Teaching my kids to code is still a ways away but getting them hooked playing a game coding is step one.

Recently, several gamer-friendly changes have been made. Only a few weeks ago, Nvidia released a bunch of hardware documents of its GPUs to facilitate the open-source driver development on Linux. You can read the entire Steam Survey for August 2019 here.

Hopefully some of you are interested in attempting to learn how to code, it has been a cathartic experience for me as I have an engineering degree as a fellow but with my wifey poo making 6 digits economically speaking her job prospects over-ruled my own so here I am learning and doing things I never thought I would.



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